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Welcome To Civil Engineering Consultants
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with the Blessings of My Parents

  • A professional consulting firm providing Civil Engineering services.
  • We have 40 years of self experience in construction industry, out of which 20 years in Gulf.
  • With our Engineering skills and vast field experience, we assist to create places where people love to live, work, learn, worship, shop and play.
Our Services

We provide a range of services to support your project needs including land planning, civil engineering, securing approvals, permits and necessary construction needs.
We offer the following services for residential, non residential and commercial buildings.

civil consultants Planning Service


  • Plan the dream house / building to suit the site.
  • Requirement will be fulfilled with optimum space management.
  • Provide optional plans to have the luxury of selection.
  • We do consider Vasthu while planning the building.

civil consultants Elevations Service


  • We give life to your dream building by creating vintage and contemporary elevations.

civil consultants Design Service


  • Stuctural designs are made according to the site condition in most economical way.
  • We undertake Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing designs

civil consultants Estimation Service


  • Cost to construct will be provided according to the prevailing market values.
  • We also provide certified estimation for financial supports.
  • Construction programme / Cash flow chart upon request.

civil consultants Construction Service


  • Providing building Plan, elevation, structural drawings along with working drawings.
  • Site visit and execution.
  • Turn key basis.

civil consultants Interior Decoration Service

Interior Decoration

  • Living Room Interiors
  • Bed Room Interiors
  • False Ceiling
  • Other Type Of Decorations

civil consultants Renovation Works Service

Renovation Works

  • Strengthening and upgrading of existing buildings.
  • Restoration of existing old fashioned interior or convert to modern terms.
  • Facial uplifting of aged buildings.

"Building your visions. Creating Reality."

About Us

Who We Are

We have been providing professional civil engineering services for about 40 years by Self Experience out of which 20 years in the Gulf

What We Do

We assist to create places where people love to live , Work , learn , worship , shop and play.By our engineering skills and fieldwork we give satisfaction to every customer.

What We Have Done

We have executed Villas, Group housing ,Apartments,Industrial buildings , Commercial buildings,Schools and high grade finishing of Government buildings in the Gulf.We have worked with different clients (Both ministry & Private ) .We Satisfy our clients by the quality of products and deliver the projects on time.

How We Work

Land development projects vary from person to person according to their will and wish. In order to fulfill the will and wish and to deliver the product required by each individual, we listen carefully to their needs and feelings of their requirement. By understanding the purpose and goal of the projects, we focus on creating economical, functional, social, technically sound product. We trust in great communication and close coordination with client and other agencies, thus forming a team work for the better benefit of the project. We don’t hesitate to avail recommendations from great consultants if required for the betterment of the project.
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